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Brian "Superman"

Brian Pauley has been writing articles for Sneaky Pete Mafia since 2015, besides being a columnist for SPM Magazine:

Brian is a world ranked Professional Artistic Pool Player and currently ranked 4th on the WPA World Artistic Pool Rankings. Known as “Superman” due to him wearing Superman shirts all the time, Brian routinely finishes in the top 10 of ranking artistic pool tournaments. He is the current World Draw Champion and was the 2018 Masters Special Arts Champion. 

Brian has been competing in the pro ranking events since 2015 and in 2019 was voted as the President of the WPA Artistic Pool Division, the governing body of Artistic Pool around the world.  Brian enjoys doing trick shot shows around the country as well as teaching players to perform jump shots for the first time. 


Brian was introduced to pool by his late father when they moved to a house that had a pool table.  Seeing the interest, Brian’s dad bought him a three-video set of pool tapes.  One of those videos was “Amazing Trickshots”, which featured the late Steve Mizerak.  Brian was amazed at what he saw on the pool table and instantly tried to duplicate the shots on his own table.  Outside of pool, Brian enjoys cosplaying at various conventions and events, working out in the gym, and camping.

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