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3 in 1 Cue Claw Review

The 3 in 1 cue claw by Garret Troop

So for those of you that travel and play pool in a league or at a tournament you usually will have a lot of things rolling around in your cue case. Ever look through your case and find your chalk has made a huge mess. Or your M &M tube spilled all over and now you have tons of quarters all rolling through your case? We all as players have these issues and a solution needs to be found.

By now you have seen or probably heard of 3D printing. It’s everywhere and it’s an incredible tool for anyone that has creative ideas to put them into use and make dreams into a reality. 3D printing is the process of taking a filament or different sorts and digitally creating a design that allows the designer to build ideas in the 3 D world that we all live and breathe in.

Calvin Post the creator of CJP Billiards has been doing 3 D printing for a while and turned his attention to the billiards industry and looks to improve things and make some new Kaos in the process. He has created the 3 in 1 and it really does it all and at a decent price point. With this handy little device it allows you to

1 hold 2,3,4 and up to 5 cues.

2 It has a coin holder and allows you to have a closed coin holder that you can store up to $10 worth of quarters.

3 it has a chalk box that allows you to hold two pieces of any chalk on the market no matter the size and shape.

On the bottom of the cue holder it has these little feet that doesn't allow slippage.

The 3-In-1 is the newest innovation in the market of cue claws. With the ability to hold 5 cues, two pieces of chalk, and a roll of quarters. The claw breaks down into 3 pieces with lids for the chalk bin, and coin tube.”

This little guy can be unassembled and taken apart into four pieces.

The coin holder can be used as an independent entity and has a lid that encompasses it all together. It has the chalk box and that is good independently. It has the coin holder that can also be used independently as well and it has the cue claw.

All three pieces when separated can fit in your case easily. And its a good team tools for everyone on your league or scotch doubles match.

Now down to the nitty gritty.

Pros. This is an awesome tool to us and transports easily in your case on the run. 3D printing is cool and hot right now in the industry. When assembled it stands out and it's at a great price point for what you are getting. It all comes apart and can be used together or indepentally. Which is really handy for team play or strolling up to a tournament. It does a great job at what it does.


The Cons ok here we go. Its almost hard to find problems with these 3 in 1 cue claws. I can only imagine the time it takes to design all the little nooks and crannies these have. All the pieces fit together. I will say that I feel that it should be heavier somehow. It stays in place but thing that it would go better with a solid piece of metal somehow built into the whole thing. In my opinion this would make the entire piece just a little sturdier. The pieces move around a little and that's not a really big deal it just needs to be tightened up a little. That's my .¢2.

So at the end of the day I really enjoyed this product and will carry it in my case for a long time. I think that it’s well worth the money to invest in it and I feel that supporting the industry is important in all ways is important in these times of need. This 3 in 1 cue claw is something basically we all need and that's why it’s important to have and keep.

Written by Garret Troop

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