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A Word from the Chief. ~ Garret Troop

Sneaky Pete Mafia is an ever-evolving hub of information and resource for all things pool and billiards related. We are excited to announce that this issue and the next of the Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine will be back-to-back instructional issues.

No one else in the industry is doing anything like this. We pride ourselves in being different and better than the rest.

With that being said, we are using a lot of articles that you have all come to know and love, but also many more that you have not seen. Our idea of creating two instructional issues is very unique and will help the players, because that is what is most important in all of this: helping you—the players.

The heart of what we do is always in your best interest and your willingness to learn from some of the world’s greatest instructors.

We have featured many players on the cover of Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine from aspiring-professionals to professionals. Always trying to showcase the diversity in the industry, our cover stories reflect this. Thus, I am very happy to announce that Emily Duddy will be featured on the cover of this issue.

We have been a growing force in the industry since 2012, and we have expanded from our origins. We are now a magazine, a blog, a social media platform of almost 8,000 members and now one of the largest digital storefronts in the industryand there is still so much more to come.

As we continue to grow, we welcome your input, so please give us your feedback.

Garret Troop is the owner and CEO of Sneaky Pete Mafia. He created this community as a way to being together people that have a love of billiards. He has never had a passion for anything like he has for Sneaky Pete Mafia. He hopes to bring together a group of people that and create a family of those that share his passion. Editor: Marcee Murray King

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