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'Allen Hopkins -- Life Of Pool' -- By Paul Hopkins

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Check out Paul Hopkins Book on Allen Hopkins, Hall Of Famer...

What Amazon says about it, and a link to the Kindle Copy:

"Allen Hopkins: Life of Pool takes you on a journey behind the scenes in the life of Hall of Fame Professional Pool Player Allen Hopkins. Narrated by his brother, Paul, you will get a personal look into the early days that turned a young boy into one of the top competitors of his time. Eventually earning his way into the Hall of Fame, this young man’s journey to becoming a pool legend is an entertaining and inspirational read for pool fans of all ages." -- Amazon

Allen Hopkins Titles:

  • Champion of Champions, 1973

  • Garden State Open, 1973

  • New Jersey State Open, 1974

  • World Open 14.1 Champion, 1977

  • US Open Nine-ball Champion, 1977

  • PPPA World Nine-ball Champion, 1977

  • PPPA World Nine-ball Champion, 1979

  • Baltimore Bullet Nine-ball Champion, 1980

  • US Open Nine-ball Champion, 1981

  • Meucci Rivermont Open Champion, 1983

  • Texas River City Open Nine-ball Champion, 1984

  • Eastern States Nine-Ball Champion, 1987

  • Meucci World Nine-ball Champion, 1987

  • Japan World Open Champion, 1988

  • Coors Valley Forge Classic Champion, 1989

  • Cleveland Open 10-Ball Classic Champion, 1990

  • River City Invitational Champion, 1990

  • Legends of One-Pocket Champion, January 1991

  • International Challenge of Champions, 1993

  • Denver 10-Ball Open Champion, 1999

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