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Angel of Billiards.

Jacqueline “The Angel” Karol (formerly Broadhurst) is an instructor, author, inventor, and philanthropist.

She has been playing pool since she was 3 years old. She earned her nickname, the Angel of Billiards, for organizing and participating in charity fundraising events including, trick shot exhibitions, challenge matches, and spectator contests.

Jackie is also an instructional columnist for AZBilliards, Fury/Cuesight, Professor Q-Ball and Cue Times.

She has developed and teaches a variety of training programs including her new Billiards Boot Camp, a challenging and intensive 2-day course designed to quickly take your game to a higher level.

She also produced billiards training videos, is authoring a new instructional book, and has invented several training devices which she uses in her Billiards Boot Camp.

Jackie can be reached at and you can learn more about her on her website and also at Billiards Boot Camp.

Editor: Dana Gornall

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