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Black Ice Shaft Review ~ by Garret Troop

There are a lot of different styles of breaking cues appearing on the market today.  Some are lighter than others and it really depends on your style and stroke as to what is best for the player.

For those of you that like the forward weighted breaking cues there are some options.  The idea is that the forward weight stabilizes the stroke.  The Pechauer Black Ice takes that idea and puts it into this new cue.

They  infused the maple shaft with four chemicals to treat the shaft which makes the cue forward weighted. They also added weight bolts behind the pin.  The shaft comes with the Pechauer break tip which is a layered tip infused with resin.

The break using the Black Ice takes a little adjusting if you are not used to a forward weighted cue.  The forward weight seems to really smash the rack.  The shaft has a Pro taper and ranges from a 12mm to a 13mm sizes.  The chemical compound that they use makes the shaft very slick.  The cool thing about it is that the more that you use it the slicker it gets.  The shaft is available in most common pin sizes.  The infusion and shaft slickness makes it very easy to stroke and that makes a big difference.  In my opinion the cue would be massively improved if it had a phenolic tip on it.  This would add to the energy transfer from the stroke and the shaft combined and will help explode the rack.  I really love the feel of this shaft and wish more companies would implement this technique.  This shaft and forwarded weighted butt combination is designed for a player with a slightly slower breaking speed.  In my opinion you should be able to find the right cue for your specific style of breaking.  There are those who have a slower breaking speed and they need a heavier cue so the energy transfer is maximized.  For those of you that have a faster breaking speed and you need a lighter breaking cue and Pechauer has you covered as well. This break cue will not break the bank and has a very unique look and feel with a nice black collar at the joint. When you buy this cue you have the pleasure and satisfaction knowing that it’s built here in the USA. Pechauer has been a huge contributor to this industry and this cue is another supporting cue to that image. All in all this is a great investment for any pool player looking for a great cue at a price that won’t break the bank.

From the Pechauer website. Pechauer Black Ice Break shaft With our Infused Chemical Engineering (ICE) Technology, chemicals are infused into the cells of the wood, changing its structure for added density and a smooth, glass like feel for less friction and increased velocity. This multi-step process is not a barrier, but a permanent treatment that penetrates the entire shaft.

Average shaft weight of 6.4 oz for a weight-forward balance delivery. This means more power with less effort for a maximum break (helps make any cue a break cue).”

Author: Garret Troop

Editor:  Chris Freeman


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

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