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Champion Sports — Quality Cues At Great Prices ~ Patrick Sampey

Champion Sports — Quality Cues At Great Prices

(The Cues I Play With)

Pool players want a pool cue they can count on for repeatable precision, solidly constructed, smooth in their hands, and a standard they can rely on time and again — shot after shot. Champion Sports has said cues.

My cue is one that can be ordered at . It’s an excellent playing cue, and I’ve shot with many. Indeed, I’ve owned several cues from Champion Sports over the years — jump/break cues, playing cues, cue cases, gloves — and the common denominator about all of these products are quality.

I just received my cue in the mail this past Saturday. So I went to my local pool hall to practice, and about the 5th rack or so got a break and run in 9 ball. I’m a 9 in 9 ball in the APA (Amateur Pool Players of America) and one of the best amateur players in the game, as the highest rank attainable– and have played with so many different cues at this point — and sure it’s true that great players can play well with just about anything, but having a cue that plays great doesn’t hurt either. My cue is a clear brown without inlays, and you can see the patterns in the wood through the brown stain coloring. Also, the leather wrap is a smooth black color that feels comfortable in my hands, and I can draw length of table shots, masse, or play any shot I want to with it.

I’ve owned many different cues. My first halfway decent cue was a ‘Player’s’ that I got from a guy everyone called “Smiley” for about $100 — that was back in about 1998 or so. Then, I got me a ‘Joss’ and played with that for a while. Then I’ve had predator shafts, custom, one-of-a-kind cues, Viking cues, Meucci cues, McDermott, and so many others.

This cue I have now has a leather wrap, and is one of the least expensive cues sold at Champion Sports, and it plays great, has a short ferrule for less deflection — also, they use wood only processed from fall and winter — which has less sap, and provides a better, more durable wood. Additionally, the wood for their cues is processed to bring the moisture content to just 6% in a process called vacuum kiln-drying; what it all means is rock-solid wood and a cue that won’t warp as easy. My cue has a 13 mm tip, weighs 18 oz, and plays as good as any Viking, McDermott, or Joss I’ve ever played with — and those are three of my favorite brands of cues.

I’ve bought and sold cues on eBay, and tried out and played with virtually every known brand of cue at some point — other than so many custom made cues — and I can guarantee you that if you get a cue from Champion, and don’t love it, I’m sure they would gladly offer a refund. Meanwhile I can tell you that if you get one of their cues you will love the way it plays! I do, and like I say, I’ve played with them all.

⅜ x 10 pin? Radial pin? 5/16 x 18? Uni-loc? They have any kind of pin you want. As of 2017, this year, their new featured pin is the Viking style 5/16 x 18 radial, special steel joint to provide a more solid hit. Furthermore, they have the Fury speed lock joint, and Radial quick release pin. You want an 18.5 oz cue? Fine. Linen wrap? Cool. Gator skin pattern leather wrap? They have it. And all at incredibly low prices. Top quality billiards products don’t need to cost much, and if you prefer McDermott, Joss, Viking, or other types of cues — try one from Champion Sports and you will see what I mean. For less than $200 you can get a 2×2 case, jump/break cue, and quality playing cue with a layered tip. Their cues play as good as any, and I fully endorse them as a 7 in the APA since 1999 — and 9 in 9 ball, as my new league operator has placed me, and cue aficionado; I like all kinds of different cues, and these cues rock! I’m telling you pool players!

And think about this, my cue, leather wrap, 5/16 x 18 pin, like a Viking, and comes with either a 13mm or 11.75mm, but I think you can get with a 12.5mm tip as well — but suffice it to say that this awesome, excellent piece of wood, this cue — is top notch. And delivered to my door for a very reasonable price. Incredible.

I must get the word out about Champion Sports products — these cues I maintain are some of the best quality, solidly constructed, cues you will find, and you won’t find better prices for equivalent products anywhere, and I’ve scoured the internet for cues and cue deals. Google pool cues for sale if you like; then, sift through several pages, searching for hours, days, and weeks to find the best deals — and I guarantee you will not find a better quality cue at five times the cost. You like the feel of a Viking? Get the 5/16 x 18 pin. Like McDermott? Get the ⅜ x 10 pin. Custom cues? Get the radial pin cue.

No wrap, linen wrap, or leather wrapped — they have any kind you like.

And if you want a snakeskin pattern on leather wrapped cue, 18.5oz, with one of their low deflection shafts, much like a ‘Predator’, a ⅜ x 10 pin, one of their ‘Spider Leather Series’ cues that look cool and play great. It comes with a Tiger Everest layered Tip. Then, when you add one of their leather-wrapped jump/break cues, you will be able to take your 9 ball game to another level. I like a cue called a ‘Gator’ cue; and my favorite college football team is the Florida Gators. How perfect is that?

Some of my favorite cues can be bought at these links below:

And my personal favorite Champion Sports cue that I’d like to get and play with, a Gemini cue with two shafts, 13mm and 12mm, inlays, and a EX-II  low deflection shaft, with 10 radial laminate splices of wood, like a ‘Predator’ :

Also, that Players cue I got back in 1998 for $100 used isn’t half the cue my current Champion Sports cue is now. To me, my cue plays similar to a Viking, and yet costs a lot less — really, slightly better than a Viking to me personally — which is another reason I endorse these fine cues.

When it comes to cues, I’m all about the quality of the wood, as that’s what your cue is at the core — one piece of wood. Champion Sports is all about the quality of the wood as well, and when the people that make your cue are that serious about the wood, you know you have a great product.


Author: Patrick Sampey

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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