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Charlie Marshall Jr. Interview ~ “Mighty” Joe Young

I am truly impressed and amazed by this 12-year old’s list of accomplishments that it gives me hope that the sport is alive and well. Coached and motivated by his father, takes lessons from a billiard author and instructor and is sponsored by one of the biggest names in the industry, this young man is destined to be on a short list of the nation’s top players.


Charlie Marshall Jr.’s accomplishments:

First and currently the only junior player sponsored by Predator® Products,

Won the 2015 PA State Junior 9 Ball Champion at Super Billiards Expo at 11 years old (age 12 and under division),

2015 NJ State Junior 8 Ball Champion (age 14 and under division),

2016 NJ State 9 Ball Champion (age 14 and under division),

2016 New York State 10 Ball Champion – Eastside Billiards, Manhattan, NY (age 14 and under division)

Other sponsors: Billiards Life Clothing, Bludworth Ball Cleaner and Markley Billiards

  1. How old are you Charlie? I am 12 years old

  2. Who introduced the game to you? My father played with me at home since I was 3 years old on our home table.  We have a triple shim 9ft Olhausen.

  3. Why do you like the game? It’s been a game I played my whole life and I like being in competition.

  1. What is it that interests you? The concept and challenging nature of the game.  No matter how much I play, I am always learning something new on the table.

  2. What continues to motivate you to strive better? To win more tournaments and eventually become a world class professional.  I would love to play on the same level as Efren Reyes and Shane Van Boening.

  3. How often do you play and where do you play? Almost every night at home for an hour of practice, every Friday night at Classic Billiards in Phoenixville, Pa, every Sunday I play at Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA and I mentor the neighborhood kids at Markley’s in the game of pool. I’m also a member of the Mezz ProAm tour and play in almost every ABCD tour stop.

  1. I hear you have some pretty high finishes; how do you prepare for a tournament? I try to practice the night before at home and also on the playing table at the pool hall immediately before the match.  This way I get comfortable with the playing table.

  2. Do you ever feel the pressures of competition? If so, how do you handle it? I am always excited before a match. My dad usually gives me a pep talk that calms me down. I would say that I am more excited than nervous.

  3. Are you taking lessons or have a coach? Mind sharing who and where they are? Do you see improvement and what are the benefits of taking lessons? I am taking lessons with Richard Kranicki at Fat Albert’s Billiards.  I love working with coach Rich.  I have seen improvement immediately in how I approach each shot.  I am slowing down my stroke and seeing the table much better.  Coach Rich has made a big difference in my game.

  1. What’s in your case? What do you play with? Playing cue, break cue, jump cue, tools, etc. Anything and everything would be interesting to hear. Predator gave me a beautiful Roadline LE4 playing cue and an Air II jump cue.  They also provided me with Predator chalk, patches, and a soft case.  I also carry a pick for my tip and a towel to wipe my hands.

  2. Besides playing and competing, what are your other interests and hobbies? I play ice hockey and baseball for my school which is the Boyertown Bears. Hockey is my favorite sport besides pool; I love the fast pace of the game.


Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues


Joe Young is owner and operator of American Cueist Billiards, a retailer, cue repair mechanic and owner of Mighty Custom Cues since 2002. In 2012, partnered to open Fat Albert’s Billiards, South Jersey’s premier billiard room and winner of Best Billiard Hall 2014 from Philadelphia Magazine. American Cueist Billiards is an authorized dealer for Jacoby Custom Cues, Viking Cues, Meucci Cues, Kamui and G2 Tips.” Photos provided by the author

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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