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CJP Bridgehead Review ~ By Garret Troop

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

As pool players we are always looking for an edge. Whether that’s a new piece of chalk or a tip. For some people they just want to be able to play a good game of pool and are grateful. For some the games that we all love and care about growing are having troubles we can’t imagine. When I say this, I am talking about the growth of the industry and personal growth as billiards players.

Calvin Post with CJP Billiards is creating many new and innovative tools for us all to grow with and help our games reach the level we all aspire to play. The anchor handicapped bridge has three variations and is a great invention as a bridge for the player. The purpose of the various bridges is to give the player the ability to play pool when their hands lack the ability to form a bridge. Calvin has designed a few different creations that include an Anchor Handicapped Open and an Anchor Handicapped closed bridge as well as the anchor handicapped V bridge.

I got excited when my package came with the Anchor Handicapped Bridges and could not wait to try them out. I have been working with Calvin Post for a few years and always expect something a little out of the box. After unwrapping my package, I had to head to the billiards table and try out all three. I got the feel for using the bridges instantly. In this case I put myself into the position of someone in a wheelchair. So, I sit in a chair and play a few games on that level.

The first one I try is the Anchor Handicapped closed bridge. As I play with a closed bridge I slide it over my thumb, I find that fits the alignment of the natural form of my hand. I break the rack with it from about a diamond and it feels kind of weird at first. There is a little play in the position of the shaft in the bridge hole. I realize that these bridges all help you shoot with a little more than finesse in your stroke. I’m able to use it and move around the table and play the game I love with ease.

The next one I tried with the Anchor Handicapped open version bridge.

Anchor Handicapped Bridges Open Version by CJP Billiards Photo's by Garret Troop

The more I use these I realize that my daughter “Willow” at times does not make a proper bridge as she is 10. These products help the youth play a better and more consistent game of pool as well. Back to the bridges. The open one helps you sight down the shaft like the barrel of a gun. You also need to use a little more finesse because if you hit the ball too hard you will lose control of your bridge as I found with all 3 bridges.

The third bridge has a kind of “V” section which is the an Anchor Handicapped V Bridge and out of all the three I tested this one seems to be the most secure and allowed the least amount of travel when stroking through the shot. I must also say that from a chair this was my favorite to shoot with. I found that the “V” held the cue more securely and allowed the least amount of travel.

From the base down all three of these an Anchor Handicapped bridges are the same and however are not universal but Calvin makes both a right- and left-handed version of all the bridges. They are all stable and fit in your hand well. I just throw them in my case and go. The kids at the youth league that Willow plays in were all challenged to play entire games with them, and I had varying outcomes, but all thought that they were useful, and they would play with them given the opportunity.

Really the only thing I have to say as a critique is that there was a little play in the open and closed version, and I needed to focus on holding the cue in a still position. The “V” version seemed to work the best and I would recommend starting with that.

These retail price for each bridge is $20 and they are well worth the investment for any pool player. They come in white but I’m sure upon request Calvin can make them in other colors.

All in all, these are great tools for the youth and the handicapped players looking for a little edge and will fit in any case. I give this product the SPM Seal of Approval and can’t wait to see what CJP Billiards comes out with next.

Calvin Post makes all his own inventions through his imagination and his 3D printers. He has contributed a lot of time and energy into his designs and is always innovating the industry we all love and play in.

Closed Bridge

Unfortunately the Handicapped V-Bridge was not displayed but you can find it on CJP Billiards website at the link above.


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