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Cornbread Red. ~ CJ Wiley

One of my all-time favorite pool hustlers/gamblers was named “Cornbread Red,” from Detroit. He bet more money in a game than many will wager in a lifetime. Here’s my version of one of the funniest stories about Cornbread, and his “hustling days” on the road.

Cornbread Red was hustling pool down south, and was told this “huge red-neck” would go off for a lot of money gambling, and he considered pool his “best game.”

Cornbread went into the bar his “steer-man” said this red-neck was at, and saw him sitting by the bartender having a shot and a beer.

Cornbread marched right up to the guy and tapped him boldly on the shoulder.

“What’s your best game buddy?” said Cornbread in a menacing tone.

The guy turned around and said “Fighting’s my best game!” and hit Corn right in the kisser, knocking him back over some tables and chairs and flat on his back.

Cornbread raised up, shook himself off, trying to bring himself back to consciousness. Picking himself up, still dazed from the punch, he saw the guy in the same chair, now finishing his beer.

Corn stood up and marched right back up to the guy, tapping him on the shoulder again. “What’s your second best game, buddy?”

The guy turned around and said “Pool’s my second best game.”

Cornbread quickly busted the guy out of all his money, and headed to the next “spot,” with a black eye and a pocket full of money.

The Game is the Teacher

Carson “CJ” Wiley, born in Missouri, was a “hustler” for years. He is now a pro player, and the author of several books. For a more detailed bio you can visit his website. Photo: Flickr/Janet Tarbox Editor: Hannah Blue

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