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Cue Balm By Garret Troop

Back in the day people used to carry around a little piece of sandpaper with them in their wallets. It was kinda an old hustlers method of sanding a bar cue to make it smooth and play better than the rest on the wall. Over the years there have been many little tricks to get your shaft smoother and over the years there have been little actual advancements to improve the way players keep their shafts clean and smooth.

There exists a strong wooden shaft community that allows you to keep the feel and look of traditional playing cues as the carbon fiber craze comes and goes up and down. Chalk marks on the shaft have always been an issue with those who choose to keep their equipment clean and smooth.

Do you ever get stressed at a tournament and want to try and stay calm and focused on a long and enduring tournament? There are better ways for them to get jacked up on caffeine and try to stay focused when you've got a shit load of adrenaline running through you.

I was asked to review this new product called “Cue Balm”. This is a multi waxed based Balm that you apply a thin layer on your cue and wait about 10 to 15 minutes to dry and set. You then used a provided microfiber cloth. They also impregnated the waxes with calming essential oils to calm and relax the body and mind while you play set after set with a smooth non stick shaft.

Now I have always been a skeptic with all this but as time moves forward the industry grows and moves forward and the players get better and better and it’s the next step to make everything that we play with and the tools we use to get better as well. This is the next step in cue maintenance that allows hours and hours of playing on a smooth chalkless shaft even after using a variety of chalk that are messy and will stain the best of shafts.

This product I received was on time and came in its own little package that was put together very well. As the Balm penetrates the wood it protects it from moisture and chalk from getting into and staining the wood. The over product was a pleasure to use and I totally recommend it to any player that prefers to use a traditional wooden shaft.

“-new technology to the north’s American market. Cue balm leaves a super smooth finish. It’s infused with calming essential oils to calm your mind

-hand crafted in the UK now available in North America exclusively through Cue Sports Canada. We are now recruiting dealers and resellers.

-the product cleans, feeds and protects all wooden cue shafts. A version for Carbon Fiber will be out later this year” From distributor in Canada

The CueBalm Experience…

Well, it infuses the wax-based product with essential oils, so, if you apply it to your cue, the smell of those oils will linger on the cue and the fragrances will help relax the player whilst cueing at the table.” From

I find that this product is food for the Junior players that get so worked up at events. This really does help and although it's a new product it's something that has been around for a long time in other applications.


This product has a dual design and it seems that it passes the test on both fronts. The essential oils aspect of the product is designed to re-center you in stressing or intense moments of a pool player's time on the table.

As a cue balm its intended purpose it Protects and makes your cue extremely slick in those moments when in use. I would strongly recommend that after applying the balm that you wait the 15 minutes and buffer it with the microfiber cloth that they have conveniently provided in the package.

Over all this product gets the SP{M seal of approval. This is a good product and I'm happy to use it and endorse it.

“for further questions, to order or inquire about dealer pricing, contact

Cue Balm get the Sneaky Pete Mafia Seal of approval.

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