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Freezer’s Ice House Review ~ Steve Sherman

Scott Frost hasn’t just created a pool hall, he has created an experience. When you first enter through what feels like a brief tunnel and the place slowly unfolds as you enter, you know that you are about to experience something special.

Freezer’s is a stunning modern establishment with state of the art lighting, an open flowing layout, TVs everywhere, and over 30 gorgeous pool tables. As you enter, you are not sure if you just entered a pool hall, nightclub, martini bar or local hotspot.  The reality is you just entered all the above.

The billiards equipment here is top notch. There are over 30 professional grade Diamond pool tables, all with Simonis 860 tournament blue cloth. There are a mix of 9 foot tables, coin operated bar box tables, and even one 10 foot table. These are the same tables and equipment the pros play on in top professional tournaments.

The lighting over the pool tables is state of the art and the illumination over each table is perfect. No glare, no shadows. In my experience, it is rare that casual players get to play on equipment of this caliber. The pool is very reasonably priced with hourly rates or pay by the game on the bar boxes. TAP and BCA leagues play out of Freezer’s most nights and tournaments are held periodically.

The bar inside the pool room is a fun place to grab a few drinks, socialize and watch the action. There are

plenty of TVs and seats at the bar as well as bar height tables overlooking the poolroom. There is a large variety of mixed drinks and beverages to choose from and the bar & wait staff is friendly and attentive.

Into darts? There is a state of the art dart area which features a unique ability to not only play traditional darts, but allows you to literally play against other players around the country through the use of internet based video connectivity. This provides a truly unique and exciting experience that takes dart competition & socializing to a new level.

Attached, yet separate, is a small nightclub called The Hot Spot Lounge.  The lounge is accessible from the poolroom, yet is separate enough to have it’s own atmosphere and vibe. It has a bar, tables & booths, TVs, dj booth and arcade games. This lounge is an experience in and of itself and is a fun place to get together with friends separate and apart from the billiards room.

In closing, I can’t recommend this poolroom enough – and calling it a poolroom does this establishment a disservice as it is so much more than that. Whether you are looking to play some pool, playing darts, going on a date or just hanging out with friends, there is something for everyone here and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Author: Steve Sherman

I am the founder of

Billiard Product Reviews. I have been playing pool for over 30 years. I have a genuine love for this game and all things billiards. I consider myself a student of the game and try to learn as much as I can from instructional books, instructional DVDs, DVDs of professional matches, professional coaching, practice and from the other players that I play with. While I play competitively in league and occasionally tournaments, I consider myself a casual player, relatively speaking. I am a skill level 7 in the APA, skill level 5 in TAP and play as a C+ in amateur open tournaments. I created Billiard Product Reviews to give back to the billiards community and to assist my fellow players in selecting the right products to help improve their game or just get more enjoyment out of the sport we love.

Editor:  Chris Freeman


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