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Going for the Short Rack~ Tim “The Monk” Miller

There are many opportunities to go for a short rack. It is important however that you follow a formula. Specific elements must present themselves before a ride on the nine is the right move.

Obvious dead combo

Table is cluttered up with no real chance to run out. In this case, you look for a free ride.

Ride the nine when the ball you send into the nine will end up in safe place.

If you are about to play safe and can lock up your opponent, send the object ball near the nine so if you get ball in hand you have a nice nine combo.

Don’t overlook the draw shot. When you can hit your object ball and draw the cue ball into the nine, go for it. It is a good shot

In my FREE class on you will see how I make the nine on a three rail safety shot. ONE SHOT – ONE WIN.

When you play nine ball always look for a chance to win when you go to the table. A ride on the nine, or a safety or a run out reflects a mental attitude of I came to win this game.

Your opponent will soon learn that when you walk to the table he may be in for a quick and sudden loss of game.

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Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

Author: Tim “The Monk” Miller

Editor:  Chris Freeman

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