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Gospel Trick Shot #2 Deception ~ Steve Lillis

History of the Trick Shot: The first time I saw this shot was the early 1970’s when a road player came to my pool room in Verona, NJ and set up the shot to show off after beating up on some of the locals. I tried the shot unsuccessfully until years later when my road partner Mike Massey gave me some pointers.

GTS Name and Why: Deception: When I finally mastered the shot, I realized that the shot was very deceiving as the cue ball heads in one direction with the 8-Ball going in the side pocket moving in the opposite direction. I thought about situations in life that appear to be headed in the wrong direction and people who mislead you. I realized that we must rely on God’s Word and what He will do!

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Jeremiah 29:11; I John 1:8; Proverbs 12:19-22; Philippians 1:6; Galatians 6:3; Romans 10:9,13; John 3:16; Romans 8:28.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball as shown moving no more than a diamond width from that position.

Object Ball(s) Placement: Place object balls as shown frozen with the two pairs of balls on rail with the top ball in the pair about ½ ball over the other. The pair of balls on the bottom rail are the key balls in the six-ball combination with the other two pairs of balls clearing out for the 8-Ball to pass towards the side pocket. The 8- Ball is pocketed after kicking off the single object ball sitting in front of side pocket E.

Objective: Pocket only the 8-Ball using all the object balls (see note below) in the set-up of the trick shot.

Special Notes: You can add or remove one or more object balls from side rail DE combination to adjust for proper contact from the pair of balls on head rail DA. Split first pair of balls on rail DE with slight low draw English on the cue ball so it does not collide with the 8-Ball coming up rail DE.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: I ask people to guess where the 8-Ball will be pocketed. Usually it takes five guesses to pick the correct pocket. I then remind the people that the shot is called Deception. Then I remind them about life and how things are not always as they appear. Something to think about!

Author: Steve Lillis Editor: Chris Freeman

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