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Gospel Trick Shot #4 Proud/Humble ~ by Steve Lillis

History of the Trick Shot: The first time I saw this shot was in a show in Chattanooga, TN performed by the great BCA Hall of Fame pool player Nick Varner after he won his first World Championship in 1980. Thirty years later, I did a show with Nick in Arizona as his special guest. He remarked after the show that he never saw that shot and others used that way. I thanked Nick and shared that my shots are GTS shots.

GTS Name and Why: Pride/Humble Shot – When I was looking for GTS shots, I remembered seeing the balls in this particular shot fall to the table. My mind went to Proverbs 16:18 that “pride comes before a great fall.” Many times in my life I have become prideful and suffered the painful consequences.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Proverbs 16:5, 18; our example Jesus in Philippians 2:5-1 1.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball directly in line with pocket B as shown.

Object Ball(s) Placement: Suspend two object balls on two different coin wrappers with one cut about two-thirds the size of the other placed closest to cue ball so that when the object balls crash to the table they will collide and travel into pockets B and E. Place a third object ball in front of pocket B.

Objective: Shoot the cue ball and pocket the third object ball in front of pocket B. Hit about half of the ball so that the cue ball gets out of the way of the other object ball headed to that same pocket.Special Notes: Must hit both coin wrappers as cue ball passes under suspended balls while heading towards third object ball. Lift hands off table to avoid obstructing the path of object ball moving to pocket E.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: Simple shot that can be done by a child and that is exactly what I try to do in my shows as I bring out a young person to execute the shot. When the shot goes in the crowd cheers wildly for the youth. This also demonstrates humility by putting others first as I get out of the way! The goal of GTS shows is to make Jesus more visible and this is one technique that enhances that!

Author: Steve Lillis Editor: Chris Freeman

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