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Inspector Clouseau & I Play Billiards. ~ Marcee Murray King {Video.}

Truth be told, I feel like a bumbling idiot next to a pool table.

There is magic in pool. Genius. Genius I don’t have, but greatly appreciate.

But then there are those strange, oh-so-rare moments in time where I can hit anything I aim the cue at, sending everything effortlessly into a pocket. Nothing fancy, very straightforward.

If I would just quit then, I could stand back, watch and smile, and maybe strangers at the local bar would be just little impressed, mostly because of who I am.  I am usually so out of place.

Hippie chick can shoot a little pool? 

Sigh. I usually can’t stop myself. And let’s be honest here: I’m not fooling anyone.

Neither did Inspector Clouseau.

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