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McDermott Glove Review ~ Garret Troop

I recently had the pleasure of doing a product review on the new McDermott glove.

I have to first off start by saying that I have used many different gloves and finger sliders recently.  McDermott has been a leader in cues for many years and this is a newer product launch for them.  The glove comes in its own box and ready to go on and be played with. The mesh on the underside is really breathable and allows it to stretch to fit the size of your hands.

For those who are wearing the glove, it’s largely in part because you have sweaty hands and that makes your shaft not slide through your fingers as easy as it should. In most cases, proper shaft maintenance will allow a smoother gliding. When that is not the case, you are looking for a glove that fits your personal needs as a player.

This glove has open fingertips and fits a little large. I usually wear a medium in just about everything that I use. This glove has all the seams reinforced and I really like that feature. I feel that this glove will last a long time with plenty of use. The glove has a leather palm piece sewn into the construction swayed side up and allows you to have a little more traction on the table.

Whether you use an open or a closed bridge this glove will suit your needs. This glove is consistent with some of the other product on the market in price and general design. The glove has an adjustable velcro tab that tightens the glove over the wrist. I see that being the only part of the glove that could use a little more research and development. When you extend that portion the velcro grabs on the spandex and over time I can see that being an issue.

Honestly, the glove is really well constructed and I give it a 5 out of 5 Sneaky Pete’s.  It’s a good investment for the price and will last you more than a season if taken care of. I would like to see the glove in a full finger and a half finger version. To my knowledge the glove only comes in a left handed glove and I’m not sure if McDermott has intentions of making it in a right handed version.

five stars

MSRP: $25

The Billiard Glove provides a smooth and consistent stroke by reducing friction between your hand and the shaft.Features:

  1. Lightweight, stretchable material for enhanced comfort

  2. Breathable mesh palm with cushioned pad

  3. Fingertip cut-outs for increased feel

  4. Adjustable Velcro strap

  5. White clover logo

  6. 82% nylon/18% spandex

Available sizes: S, M, L

Designed for right-handed players. Glove fits on the left hand.


Sponsored by POV Pool and McDermott Cues



Garret Troop is the owner and CEO of Sneaky Pete Mafia. He created this community as a way to being together people that have a love of billiards. He has never had a passion for anything like he has for Sneaky Pete Mafia. He hopes to bring together a group of people that and create a family of those that share his passion.

Photo Credit: Shaylyn Troop

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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