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PoolSchool: Aspects in Pool. ~ Boris Vidakovic

Aspects in pool:

Boris graph

As you can see on the scheme, aspects of pool are a man, surroundings and goals.

The Man

On the top of the story is the player and his psycho-physical condition and knowledge.  Constancy is a prerogative for technique, and victory is the motive and a reflection of psyche.


Man is destined to manifest himself directly through equipment, which we try to maintain to be as good as possible. But there are different factors of surroundings that directly affect the player and his game, that he cannot influence such as climate conditions, the crowds that follow the tournaments, different pool avenues and different opponents.


In the end there are goals of using psycho-physical capabilities in a pool environment. They are defined by rules of the game and personal ambitions. But the ultimate goal is victory.

As you can see, developing your technique you won’t become unbeatable, but you will become consistent and that will increase your percentage of balls pocketed, but for victory you need constant surrounding, which is impossible to accomplish because the lower part of the scheme, which is crisscrossed, is variable and that is one thing you must learn to accommodate with. The difference between a top player and a good player is that the top player accommodates to conditions of the game faster and accommodates to different attitudes faster (tournament, gambling).

What is it that can balance these variables? The brain! Only the correct approach, discipline, experience, confidence and faith can lead us to victory, but before that comes technique.

By starting with technique, then through using surroundings, goals and psyche we return at the beginning with the idea to reach that main goal—victory.

In my next article, we will start learning basic technique of pool, starting with stance.

Photo: Nick Doyle/Flickr Editor: Dana Gornall
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