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Qco, LLC, Home of Triple 60, Announces Long-Term Partnership With Fedor Gorst

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Fedor Gorst — Triple 60
Fedor Gorst signs with Triple 60

Qco, LLC, home of Triple 60, Viking, and Valhalla brands, and Fedor Gorst announce a long-term partnership.

For immediate release - MADISON, WI – (November 13, 2023) - Qco LLC, home of Triple 60, Viking, and Valhalla brands, a global leader in the manufacture of pool cues and other billiards accessories, announces a long-term partnership with World Champion (2019) and current #2 ranked pool player in the world (Fargo Rate), Fedor Gorst. The Russian-born billiards phenom will be wearing the Triple 60 logo on his Team USA jersey (having just been granted residency in the US) at the Mosconi Cup in December as the

kickoff to this multi-year relationship.

“I am honored to welcome Fedor to Qco” said Mark Horton, President of The Rack Group, parent company to Qco. “We have ambitious plans to grow our innovative Triple 60 and Viking brands, and partnering with Fedor shows that the best players in the world trust their game to our equipment.

“When we formed Qco, acquiring both Viking Cues and Whyte Carbon in 2022, our plan was to continue to innovate performance products, and by partnering with Fedor, we are now getting guidance from one of, if not THE best player on the planet, to supercharge our development of new products,” Horton said. “Fedor will not only be a professional who utilizes our products at the highest level, but he will be an integral part of our ongoing R&D team to continue to create innovative new products to aid not only his game but the game of all pool players regardless of ability.”

Fedor will play with the Triple 60 Whyte Carbon RAW BLACK shaft. This seamless shaft construction provides uniform bending properties and radial symmetry, which lowers ball deflection and offers more predictability versus all other carbon composites in the marketplace, along with the Viking B6501 butt.

Fedor Gorst Triple 60

“As a player, consistency with my pool cue is key. From the first time I tried a Whyte Carbon shaft, I found I could get more action on the cue ball when I needed it. I love the total control I have over the cue ball with the Triple 60 shaft. Some shots, like drawing the ball, just feel easier with this shaft. I am excited for the upcoming Mosconi Cup and the 2024 season with Viking and Triple Sixty equipment, and it feels fitting that I start using cues that are made in America.” Said Gorst. Fedor also said he is already working on a signature line of cues and shaft and will be using a new prototype jump cue in upcoming tournaments – ensuring all new products are tested under the most strenuous match conditions before being released to the public.

About Qco:

Qco is a multi-brand company in the billiards industry, producing some of the finest and most innovative pool-playing equipment in the world. Qco is comprised of Viking, Valhalla, and Triple Sixty (previously Whyte Carbon) brands. Viking and Triple 60 cues and shafts are manufactured at their Middleton, WI factory.

About Fedor Gorst:

Fedor Grost was born in Moscow, Russia, in 2000. Fedor began playing pool at the young age of six. Fedor’s mission is to be a better person and player than he was the day before. Through constant work and practice both on and away from the pool table, Fedor strives to continue progressing to be a champion as well as a role model for your and upcoming players. Fedor recently became a permanent American resident and will represent Team USA at the 2023 Mosconi Cup that will be played in London between December 6 – 9.

Media Contacts:

Chuck Couch

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