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See the Shots the Right Way ~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

Standing up I see the shot with my eye. There are no thoughts going through my mind. Just see the shot. With my brain, I know the stroke I am going to use, again, no thought going through my mind. Knowing the stroke enhances the target. I do not take my eye off the target. At this stage I am connecting to the shot.

Then I lean over and land on the cue ball. I set my cue tip on the cue ball and focus on that vital spot. At this point I allow my brain to absorb how this cue tip position will influence the shot. I breathe in through my mouth and out through my nose. This centers the left side of my body, my bridge hand. Then I look up at the target.

Randy Goettlicher and Jerry Briesath are masters at teaching this.

Now I am in the aiming stage. While I aim at the target I breathe in through my no

se and out through my nose. I am relaxed.

If I have gone through the entire MONK SEQUENCE of breathing, I am ready to allow my brain to deliver the proper stroke. I shoot at what I am aiming at.

Because of the MONK SEQUENCE of breathing, I am not thinking about anything. My mind is turned off. I am ready to let my brain deliver the perfect stroke.

Remember, the brain does not deal with last shot – past shot – next shot – missed last shot or anything like that. The brain only deals with this shot.

If you would like to master the MONK SEQUENCE of breathing to engage the brain you can order my book The MONK SEQUENCE. This book has video clips built right into the book to help you master this

very important art. It is the most amazing book ever written on how to properly set up for a good shot.

Editor- Chris Freeman Author- Tim “The Monk” Miller

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