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Shane Van Boening Selected To 16th Straight Mosconi Cup 'Captain America' ~ By Patrick Sampey

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 – SVB (Shane Van Boening) has been selected to play in the Mosconi Cup 2022.

"Van Boening will be competing in his 16th consecutive Mosconi Cup after making his debut in 2007. The South Dakota Kid has had a year to remember after fulfilling a childhood dream by claiming the World Pool Championship title for the first-time beating Austria’s Albin Ouschan in the final back in April." –

SVB has had a premier year in 2022, winning the World Pool Championship and nearly Winning the European Open, yet falling perhaps just one shot short against Albin Ouschan. However, having another great run in another world event and playing as well as ever it would appear. SVB doesn't appear to be slowing down but actually gaining momentum in the game. At 38 years young, he is a testament to longevity in the game at the highest level. His run in the game, beginning in 2007, with a breakout year, winning the US Open, multiple other events, and being selected for the Mosconi Cup. Will he take down a historic 6th US Open? I would love to see that myself, or someone like my Facebook buddy Aloysius Yapp; he's cool and plays as well as anyone, Yapp.

Shane Van Boening, though, has been on top of the pool world since 2007, though my main point here is one incredible run in pool. Most players peak out for a little while, then fade out, still playing top professional pool, but no one dominates the game like SVB has year after year since 2007. That alone makes him an argument for the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) debate, for which I still feel Reyes maintains a slight edge on Van Boening, but SVB has been killing it for over a decade and a half. That's crazy, insane good. That's off the charts, and I feel lucky just to have existed to see some of it—what an incredible run-in pool minimum, no matter what you think.

Congrats to SVB for making the cut as one of the world's best for the 16th year in a row. And ranked world #1 too? That must be divine! What a player! If anyone wants a game to emulate and/or a player to look up to, SVB is it.

And SVB is Hosting a junior's open event for 17 and under with a $10K payout, which is great for the future of the game. All around, SVB is giving back to pool in a big way and having a stellar, out-of-this-world year in 2022.

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