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Shot Sequence ~ The Monk “Tim Miller”

Sometimes we face a shot with a tentative spirit. In our mind we remember missing that shot. Missing that shot has become a perception and we turned that perception into our mind set. From our mind set we act, we think and we perform.

Practice is designed to erase our faulty perceptions about a missed shot. But we have missed too many shots, and even in practice we miss those shots.

How do we develop a confident stroke? There will always be that shot that sticks out in our mind because we know we have missed it before. When the shot comes up, our perceptions cause us to act with reservation. We build our mind set from our perceptions and it is from this mind set we perform.

On my membership site I show a series of these shots we miss. Master them by making five in a row. That will provide a strong mind set from which to act from.

Change your mind set, change your destiny.

Missing shots is like a cancer growing in our mind. Each negative experience gives us a stronger mind set of failure. Many players are plagued by the perceptive knowledge that they have failed on a specific shot. When they face that shot they do so with a negative mind set, therefore they cannot deliver a solid committed stroke. They are tentative. They are unsure, and they miss. Some players get this way about a specific opponent. They just can’t beat that guy.

The stroke, minus the interference equals the shot.

The perception that set up our mind set is what causes us to battle in this game. The game becomes a battle. It is tough. It is tough because you operate out of a faulty mind set. You have so much interference against you.

When you miss a gut shot for the game and suffer a brutal loss your friends may ask the question; “Will he ever get over this?” They know you will build a mindset from that experience and the next time you face that shot, the pain and agony comes back to you and this time you fail because your mind setprohibits you from delivering a solid committed stroke. Your perception is your interference.

A faulty mind set causes great terror, while a pure mindset brings serenity and peace to the heart.

You cannot undo the faulty perceptions you have accumulated from the past. If you are stuck at the same level, year after year you can point to the mindset you have that drives your performance. You must master the ability to put aside faulty perceptions and face each shot with a new and positive mindset.

I have written a book that will help you establish the pure mindset that brings confidence to your experience. It is the greatest book ever written about this game.

You cannot erase faulty perceptions. You must find your freedom in building a new Mind Set.  The book THE MONK 101 SEQUENCE OF BREATHING will do that for you. This book sells for $29.95. If you go on my web site and order that book, I will give you a one year membership in The Monk Membership Site FREE OF CHARGE.

This site has over 70  video clips lessons for you to master your game. Soon it will have over two hundred video lessons to help you become a world class player.  It all starts with this book you must have. Click on “shop”.

Check my web site. It is all new and very exciting.

Author: Tim “The Monk” Miller

Editor:  Chris Freeman


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

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