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Slowing Down a Little. ~ Greg Hogue

If you arrive at a point in the game and find yourself losing your edge, just slow down.

Attempt to slow the stroke speed down just a bit; at the same time, begin to pocket all balls at pocket speed to that the point the balls just drizzle into the pocket.

At the slower speed of contact, let the mind’s eye take a better photo of what happing in front of it and why things are happening the way they are.

Another advantage to slowing the stroke speed down just a bit is that it is less likely there will be any hitches, twitches or glitches in the stroke when you are finally get ready to execute the shot.

The slower speed allows achieving a long silky smooth follow through.

In the day and age of diamond tables, Simonis cloth, red circle cue balls and fast back rails, slow pocket speed just seems the logical way to go.

Till next time, stay silky smooth and get out and play some pool.

Greg Hogue is a part-time traveling pro from Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been a student of the sport of pocket billiards for 33 years. Greg has several tourney wins and high finishes in events like the US Bartable Championships and the International Pool Tour. Greg has a huge heart and passion for the sport. He wants to see it step out of the dark ages and get the respect it deserves.

Editor: Marcee Murray King Photo: Prescott Pym/Flickr
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