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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 35 Featuring Darren Appleton

Updated: May 1, 2023

Check out the latest issue of SPM Billiards Magazine featuring the latest on Pro Billiards Player Darren Appleton, Roaring back like a Tiger! Happy Birthday to Darren!

Darren has great new equipment to get back in the game with from Tiger Products! Learn more about all the great things that Darren Appleton and his manager Kinga Raul are doing with Tiger and Dynamite Billiards! SPM thinks the world of Darren and has been following his outstanding career throughout the years in blog post and issues of SPM Magazine! Tiger Products made their announcement the other day and I have been keeping their secret while trying to get Issue 35 finished! Find out what's in Darren Appletons Bag! and his manager Kinga Rauk's Bag! Darren and Kinga have some beautiful equipment!

Also in this Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine be sure to read Mark White's article on Molina Mike! Brian Pauley's article on Derby City Classic, Mecca of World Pool! Keith Shaner writes a great article on To Steam or Not to Stream! Articles on the Matchroom's World Pool Championship along with great photography from Taka Wu of Matchroom Multisport! Also included in this issue is another lesson from The Drill Instructor, Anthony Beeler, Rick "White Wolf" Prince and Steve Jennings and an update from Albert Charonneau.

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