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SPM Presents Matt Andrews the Mind Mentor with Mark White

''Pool commentator Mark White sat down for an informal but in depth chat with Matt Andrews the 'Mind Mentor' to discuss the importance of not just being technically and physically prepared in sport but mentally also to give you the 'Edge' over your opponents.

Watch on YouTube at:

I want this guy in my corner when the going gets tough in the arena and help me keep cool in the cauldron of battle''

A little about Matt Andrews

I am an experienced and qualified behavioural specialist and performance coach who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one to support you moving forward to achieve your goals, Whether it’s your career, within relationships, family settings, sporting life or other interests.

I feel extremely lucky to have had a vast mixture of experiences such as within management and supervision, youth working, policing, addiction key working, counselling, sports leadership and coaching that has provided me with the skills and knowledge to help support others to make affective changes to achieve their goals, increase performance and change unwanted behaviours which has included helping those with anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and depression within clinical settings.

Often people are worried about making changes even if these are seen to be positive ones, leaving what we already know, no matter how bad it may seem can be difficult as it is still a familiar setting that we have survived within.

My role is to help you identify the changes that you would like to make and to support you to feel more comfortable to make them, enabling you to move forward to gain new skills and to strengthen the skills that you already have while achieving your goals. You can reach Matt Andrews on his website at Follow Matt on Facebook

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