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SPM Seal Of Approval

SPM Seal Of Approval

We are growing so fast and we are needing a way to streamline things. What we have created is the SPM Seal of approval and this will go on all products that we strand by as well as the content that we have coming in. This will allow SPM to start and keep track of the products we have coming in and endorse.

The SPM Seal of approval will be effective in SPM Magazine, SPM Bog, and SPM T.V.. We are also looking at SPM Radio. With this seal we will be able to choose what products that we endorse and what products don’t meet the standards.

The Seal will get the approval of the instructors on our team to test and get their approval to get the SPM Seal of approval. This Seal of approval is a thing of prestige and respect. This seal will separate the things that are important and have a strong value to the pool community. As consumers we all strive to get the best on the market that there is and have that be an honest and true value.

I’m proud to present the SPM Seal.

Garret Troop

CEO of Sneaky Pete Mafia

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23 giu 2020

Thank you. We love what we do.

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