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SVB -- Blazing A Trail Through Inaugural UK Open ~ By Patrick Sampey

Saturday, May 21st, 2022 – The Tallahassee Squirrel here, somewhere in the panhandle of Florida, reporting about the matches being played out in London over the course of the last several days – coming to a conclusion tomorrow – the dust settling down, so many international superstar pocket billiards players vanquished. Filler squeaked by on a hill-hill-thriller 10-10 in the race to eleven missed shot on the two ball that set him free to take the win.

Then, you had an all-American quarter-final, with Woodward falling to SVB (Shane Van Boening) 11-7, where SVB's break continues to reign supreme throughout the prestigious event. And his run-outs are superb.

And the marquee on the main page of Matchroom says, "The latest Major event from Matchroom – the brand-new UK Open Pool Championship brings 256 of the world’s best players to the UK as they battle it out for a share of $200,000. See names from the world of Snooker on the Pool table with the world’s best including the top 40 from the Nineball World Ranking." –

"256 of the world's best players" is touted in yet another world-ranking event SVB has been blistering a trail of tears for players in the wake of his break-and-run-out prowess. Beating Ralf Souquet of Germany 9-3; beating Daniel Maciol 9-4 in yet another trouncing; beating Marc Bijsterbosch 11-1 in another clinic; beating Skyler Woodward 11-7 in his only contested match it would appear, but still, maintaining a lead since 2-2; set for the showdown tomorrow with Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, my friend on Facebook, as with many of these billiards 'Legends Of The Fall,' these world-class professional-caliber billiards beasts!

What a show! What a great event! What a great day for 9-ball pool! Welcome to our world! Amen!

Keep on hitting them balls!

With the showdown for tomorrow, the final day of the Inaugural UK Open 9 Ball tournament, SVB vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, and David Alcaide vs Joshua Filler are set to square off in the semifinals.

Will it be a clash of Titans with Filler vs Van Boening in the finals?

Will Alcaide take the whole event, Filler, Ruiz?

Or will SVB reign supreme as the restoration of the "King-Of-Pool" title back to its rightful owner, the world's #1 ranked Shane Van Boening!?

Let's tune in and see!

Possible titles after tomorrow when I predict SVB will take it:

'2022, Year Of The G.O.A.T.

SVB -- Hail To The King

By Patrick Sampey'

'SVB Takes UK Open By Storm'

'SVB Takes UK Open, Highlighting His World Pool Dominance Yet Again'

We ought to put this up if SVB wins the UK Open:

'SVB, Player Of The Year 2022

(Meanwhile, The Year Ain't Half Over!)

By Patrick Sampey'

Tallahassee Squirrel predictions:

1.) Most likely final:

SVB vs Filler.

2.) Most likely upset final:

Ruiz vs Alcaide.

3.) Final Prediction:

SVB Takes Alcaide in the final.

Reporting to you as if I were in London, England – The Tallahassee Squirrel, aka Patrick Sampey, out until the dust hath settled tomorrow.

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