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The Black Out Jumper ~ By Garrett Troop

As we progress as a billiards community, our tech constantly improves. We are always trying to get the slightest edge that we can at any given point. The blackout jumper is the full carbon fiber jump cue from Jacoby. The cue has all the same specs and feels as the original jumper but with one extreme change. The entire pool cue is made from carbon fiber and has a new carbon fiber handle with the same specs, just a tad lighter.

It comes standard with a 13mm brown phenolic break jump tip. It also comes with a 15mm long brass ferrule that adds a little extra weight in the front of the cue. This weight makes it easier to get a little extra lift off the slate. It comes with a standard with a radial aluminum pin that makes it all that much lighter. The cues balance point is light where it needs to be lightweight with a bit of added weight in the front end where you need a little added mass to cue ball lift.

In my experience, it’s one of the most accessible cues used to jump. If you have a level of added skill, jumping isn’t that tough of a shot, and it’s just one that most people don’t take the time to learn the proper technique to do it the correct way. It takes a certain amount of disabling to pull it off the right way. To sum it up, one goes from having a safety used to running out, and the goal is running out.

The cue has an added level. You have the option of getting this cue with a “blackout shaft” that does not have the brass ferrule. The added weight reduction doesn’t seem like a lot, but it does the job to make this cue more like a Marty Carry Jump Cue being so light. I’ve seen a credit card jump with this cue, and that’s a tight space. It would be best if you almost threw the jump cue at that close of a distance to get the cue ball to take flight.

You must understand Jacoby tries to make the game exciting for the players. Through the constant growth and extreme evolution of the game, they make every aspect enjoyable. These jump cues have an excellent energy transfer new carbon fiber setup. Jacoby’s pool cue gives the cue ball wings just like “Red Bull gives you wings.” This cue is safety’s worst enemy.

The new carbon fiber jump handle weighs in at 2.6oz, which is light. The entire cue with the Blackout Shaft option weighs in at 6.7oz. The lightness of the pool cue and the fact that it’s the new carbon fiber option is a definite must.

The real drawback to these cues is that it retails for the staggering amount of $595. Now Jacoby is one of the world’s best cue makers, and they love helping the community. But the carbon fiber craze has led to a drastic price increase. Jacoby is a quality brand, and they are among the best cue makers in the industry and are very respected. These cues are no joke.

I had just previously stated that the cues were expensive. I want to say that these cues are within the industry standard. The going price for carbon fiber isn’t cheap, but you’re making an investment that won’t wear out any time soon. In addition to that, they take very little if any maintenance to upkeep and keep like new. The Blackout Jumper is a lifelong investment.

This product gets the seal of approval by Garrett Troop of SneakyPeteMafia.

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