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The Great Bar Player vs. The Professional Player ~ By Calvin Post of CJP Billiards

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

What’s the difference?

There are many great players out there. Well known pros, to the unknown man at the bar that just can’t seem to lose. But what separates a strong bar player from being a pro level player? Sure they both make good shots, show excellent shot selection, and can move the cue ball around competently. So what’s the difference?


A Professional players doesn’t take any guesses at how a shot will play out. They know exactly what the cue ball will do each shot, and they plan 3 or more shots ahead. They can run rack after rack with a solid controllable break, and no unforced errors.

The Bar player can make shots happen, move the cueball to favorable positions but perhaps not see the entire rack’s definite plan. They can get lost deep into a rack by not planning for a certain breakout, or by simply not thinking about shot selection a few balls ahead.

Both players are dangerous and on a given day the bar player can pose a problem for the pro player. The pro player can’t make a mistake or play easy because of the excellent shot making of the bar player.

I thought this was an interesting discussion topic as it truly separates great players from the best players. It’s very interesting to find videos of out of town professional players, playing in a tournament against the strongest local bar players. It puts in perspective just how world class some of these players actually are.

Chalk up, and don’t scratch!

Calvin @ CJPBilliards

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