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The OB2 Shaft Review. ~ Garret Troop

There are so many shafts on the market that are all amazing.

I have had the pleasure of shooting with the OB-2 for the last couple of months and have to say, this is a shaft for a player.

The feel it gives you when shooting is really one that you can trust, especially for those dead on shots that need to be made without hesitation. The technology that OB puts into their work is unmatched and ever evolving. They have been in the successful business of producing mass production cues.

The taper on this shaft give it a unique feel and ability to maximize the amount of English that can be placed on the cue ball with a moderate stroke.

On a personal note, I have to say that I can personally draw the cue ball about half a table length more with this shaft than any other I have used. I like the feel of this and only expect better thing to come from OB cues.

I had the pleasure of meeting this staff at OB and know that they strive towards excellent in the work and business mindset that they have about making cues and their stand in supporting players of all skill levels in the industry.

OB-2 shaft specifications: Standard tip is Everest. Tip diameter is 11.75mm.

OB-2 ferrule is patented 1⁄2” laminated maple ferrule made from 25 pieces of maple (OB-1 ferrule is longer and has about 37 pieces).

Taper is a modified conical taper. Internal technology in the shaft includes a combination of mass reduction foam and silicone rubber to produce an Ultra-Low Deflection shaft.

Shaft blank is made up of six crescent shaped pieces and each piece is a strip of 10 pieces of flat laminated maple so the shaft blank is made up of 60 different pieces of wood.

Photo: Ob Cues Editor: Dana Gornall
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