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The Talents of Jaared Arosemena. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

Jazz artist, pool player, and an administrator for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine (SPMM,) Jarred is a very busy married man who is father of two and grandfather of three.

His nuclear family is “spread out,” as he and his wife live in Washington, D.C., one son lives in Florida, and one in Queens, New York. His family of origin is “scattered everywhere” including D.C., Italy, and Sicily. Being of both Spanish and Italian descent, he can understand some of each language — “enough to get around” in some foreign countries.

Jaared accidentally fell into the music world when, at six years old, his doctor suggested he take music lessons (specifically for a medical reason.) Having never before read music, he taught himself to somewhat read it but really excelled after being taught by a jazz artist, Chuck Mangione. The instruments he learned to play include the EWI Wind Synthesizer, the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones, as well as all of the woodwind instruments!

Music has taken Jaared to “places all over the planet including Venice, Rome, Murano, West Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman.” While in the Middles East, he was “treated like gold!”

Whether in or out of the country, he has his choice of which band he plays with, as he has four here in the U.S., one in London, and one in Frankfurt. It’s safe to say that he entertains quite a bit both here, across the pond, and other destinations abroad.

He has friends and followers all over the world as well. Two record labels share five of his published Jazz CDs. Obviously, he worked diligently at his music playing and has excelled, with the number of his bands and friends as proof.

In light of Jaared’s great success in the world of jazz music, it is not surprising then that he is on social media such as Facebook, has a website, and a free phone app for Android and Apple Products.

Part of each of his days is devoted to his “other passion” — pool — which his grandfather introduced him to. When he was a boy of 10 years, Jaared became a huge fan of Steve “The Miz” Mizerak.

The focus of his attention rapidly changed at the 1983 World 9-Ball Event at Caesars Lake Tahoe, where he saw “Little Earl” (Strickland) “destroying his idol, The Miz.” He was mesmerized by Strickland’s incredible jump draw shot with his full length cue against Steve Mizerak. Jaared “is hooked” on pool.

About Earl, he said “This guy is like a god to me now.” Three hours of each of his days is filled with pool lessons out of Steinway Billiards in Queens, N.Y. from one of the biggest names in the industry: his idol, Earl “The Pearl” Strickland. Earl is “very encouraging to him,” and they even talk outside of the poolroom.

Jaared loves all of the games of pool except One Pocket. His choice of cue is a Throne Series #4 that, with his seven inch extension piece, measures 65 inches and weighs 19.8 oz. He has “celebrity status” with this cue maker, and a pro player endorsement with Predator Cues. Future prospects in pool include playing in the U.S. Open and Derby City, and at some point even reaching pro status.

Last but not least is this man’s work as an administrator for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine. One of his duties at the magazine is to review different products with some of the pro players.

Also, he has a video blog called “Break and Run with Jaared,” with one presently featuring his beloved teacher, Earl Strickland. Finally, and maybe with even more fervor, is his belief that pool as a sport should be the focus; not hustling; not gambling.

Let’s really know the products, the players. Let’s make Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine a respectful, professional place, where people who respect the sport can come together with similar people!

One way he vows to do his part in bringing a good reputation to SPMM, and pool in general, is to continue following threads on it’s sites so that they are in keeping with the “code of conduct” he and his wife formed.

In all, we need “nice talk of pool.” He is 100% correct. This is indeed something all of us in the industry can and should vow to do!

In her 35+ years of pool playing, Missy has been deeply involved with many aspects of the sport. She and her husband ran a BCA 8-Ball League for 15 years, as well as three person 9-Ball, Singles 8 & 9, and Scotch Doubles part of that time. She ran a Junior BCA/BEF Junior League—the largest and longest running in her area—for 13 years, with year end banquets and tournaments for all of the leagues. She has run tournaments for all ages and levels of play groups, and is a Certified BCA Instructor with concentration on children and females.Missy has played at local, regional and national venues. She even has a $6400 fundraiser tournament for Domestic Violence and Wheelchair Players under her belt. Many, many hours have been donated to the sport with 300+ in free lessons and clinics for juniors. She is happy to be writing articles for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine, presently. Missy has been, and will continue to be, a true ambassador of the sport. Photo: provided by interviewee Editor: Hannah Blue

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