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The ToadStool Tip Review By Garret Troop

Every once in a while you come across people in life and in this industry that are really making waves. Calvin Oost is one of those people and I'm proud to work with him and his inventions.

That TOADSTOOL by CJP billiards. The ToadStool is a handy dandy little attachment that goes on the end of a pool cue that helps people that are starting out in the game to hit more center ball. It’s a 3D printed rubber composite that WILL NOT rip the cloth. I had my daughter Willow try it out and once you get aligned it helps you hit center ball without as much unintended English applied.

The cool thing about 3D printing is you can do anything with it. Calvin is an extremely talented and creative 3D printer and truly loves the game. This Toadstool was created to help bring new players into the game and not get frustrated about applying unintended English.

Really the only suggestion to help this great product out is its designed to fit a 12mm to a 13mm tip. In my experience the sweet spot is 12.75mm. If you stretch it out you will be forever in that diameter slot. The rubber does not retract to its natural state. No chalk needed and it grips the tip just fine.

Please go to CJP Billiards to order everything to you need.

By Garret Troop

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