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Titan Tips Review By Garret Troop

Titan tips review by Garret Troop

There are many new innovations in the industry. New synthetic tips are all around us. There are layered tip and straight leather. We are all trying to find that edge and will make us more balls on the break. With that being said we are all trying to find that balance between grip and power.

There are many companies out there that are all making big changes in the industry and I feel that the Titan break is a hidden treasure trove of power consistency and stability. I have a breakRac and practiced all day with this tip and I have fallen in love with it.

I used it on a Black out shaft and side by side with a Phenolic. I was able to apply more English on the cue ball. That ability makes breaking fun and explosive. I was told by Brandon Jacoby that this tip takes a steeper learning curve than say a Phenolic. What I found out is that it is slightly softer which makes it grippier. He said it's less forgiving and what I learned is that Phenolic has that sweet spot between hardness and controllability. The Titan tip also has that controllability but it takes a seasoned veteran player to develop their stroke and breaking technique.

The tip comes in black and white and they are using it as a tip ferrule combo. This tip is very Impact resistant with a little elasticity to it. Its a proprietary to jacoby and is not distributed to any other place at the moment so if you want one you gotta go through them. It has a Special threaded carbon shaft that makes it super secure and very hard to ever come off. Its the perfect Happy medium between a Phenolic and a leather tip such as the Odega tip that they also offer as a resin infused leather tip.

This tip will make jumping with English easier than ever and is easy to learn from your mistakes and is more forgiving. The Titan tip is more responsive then a phenolic and grabs the ball better.

The only negative thing I have to say about the whole endeavor is the fact that it’s an in-house tip only meaning you can only have one bought and installed by Jacoby. I think that every distributor in the world should have these tips. But I get it.

Without a doubt this breaking and jumping tips and it's a keeper and will stay on on my shaft forever. The Titan tip by Jacoby gets the SPM Seal of approval.

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