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Too Straight? ~ Jacqueline Karol

Imagine that the cue ball and the object ball are lined up straight and both very close to the end rail. You need to get position for the next ball which is at the opposite end rail.

Too Straight Diagram 2

You could try hitting it hard with high left, but hitting it such force makes the pocket less forgiving, and it is likely that you miss the shot. Instead, going rail first with a smooth, effortless stroke is much more natural and easy. Also experiment using high, low and left English to get the cue ball in different areas on the table.

Jacqueline Karol is known as “The Angel of Billiards.” She began playing pool when she was three years old. Her father, a nuclear engineer, introduced her to the game and taught her the fundamentals. In 2002, Jackie began training full time with world-renowned billiards coach and columnist Tom Ross of Denver, CO. Her first goal was to win the 2003 BCA National 8-Ball Championship. Her hard work paid off and she went on to become the 2003 Billiard Congress of America’s 8-Ball and trick shot champion. Jacqueline now lives in Northern California and offers a variety of training programs. You can check her out at her website.

Diagrams: Provided by Jacqueline Karol Editor: Marcee Murray King
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