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Tournament Preparation ~ by The Monk “Tim Miller”

Tournament preparation

I have written a lot about how to prepare for tournaments and on the membership site I provide you with a section on drills to strengthen your stroke and shot making skills. When you do those drills you will be more than ready to win a tournament.

In this article I want to talk to you about how to get the most out of your tournament participation.

On tournament day your entire focus should be on the activity that will lead you to the winners circle. I arrive at the tournament, fully prepared to turn in a winning performance and in fact I have my ‘tournament shuffle’ going on.  I had done my pre work and was ready to win.

The tournament director asked me to pick up some cases of water at the local market as they were running low. She said I would have enough time before my match would be called and if not, the director would hold up my match to give me time. Does that sound like tournament focus?

I told her I would not do that. I did not want the experience of looking for the market, buying the water and returning to the arena. I was at the arena and ready to play. If I had turned away to do her errand my preparation and mind-set would have changed and I am sure my performance would have been far less. And those in the store would not understand my “tournament shuffle”. I needed to stay focused on what I had intended to do.

Your mind needs to be clear and you must be committed to each shot. You need to be in the mechanics mode rock solid with your set up. You cannot have a past shot in mind. You cannot think about the next shot or the next game. You must totally be in present moment awareness and this does not happen if you are visiting with friends, or doing errands or anything that is not tournament related.

The last thing on your mind, after you go through the pre shot routine is to MAKE THAT BALL. It is unacceptable to miss a shot thinking about position for the next shot.

Once you have prepared for the tournament you need to let the results speak for themselves. You have come to win. You are focused, you are ready. Now you must perform and let the results be whatever they are.

In all that you do on tournament day you must never give up.

In all that you do on tournament day you must feel a sense of joy that you are a tournament player. You are not a spectator in the stands who is holding back, instead you are a player who is out on the floor.  On the membership site I talk about 20 bad habits players make when they set up for a shot. Determine for yourself you will not make any of those mistakes. You will be solid and ready to perform when your name is called.

All your focus is on turning in a strong tournament performance so you are not worried about results. I will look for you in the finals.

Check my web site. It is all new and very exciting.

Author: Tim “The Monk” Miller

Editor:  Chris Freeman


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

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