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Trick Shot Tutorial

Denver Sandwich

By Tim Chin –

The Denver Sandwich is an old setup shot that appeared in Robert Byrne’s Treasury of Trick Shots book. It hasn’t been too popularized, so it’s a solid under-the-radar shot if you wanted to use it in a tournament. I saw my good friend Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth shoot this at an exhibition recently, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Three of the balls go in pocket E, two of them after banking off rail 1. If you can get them to go in numerical order consistently, it adds a little flair to the shot. Plus there’s the combination ball C that goes in as well.

Setting it up right is the trickiest part and will definitely take a handful of attempts to figure out. I start with the E3 ball frozen to the 3rd diamond on rail 1. The CB needs to be frozen and playing for the bank, meaning it should be aligned towards the 2nd diamond on rail 3 or slightly above it to account for the collision induced spin. E1 is frozen to the CB aimed just inside the pocket point of E. Practice just this part of the setup until you get the angles just right.

The E2 ball is set about 1/2-inch away from rail 1, as close to the pocket point as I can get it, but this will depend on other factors. The E2-C combo is aimed at the foot rail point of pocket C. Again, you can practice this part independently, so long as the CB is at the same place from above.

I like to aim parallel to the long rail with a little bit of top spin. That’s more just to get my cue stick out of the way of the E3 ball though since it will bank across your follow through. Balls E1 and C should basically be hangers. If you miss E2 short, aim to hit it a little thicker. If it misses long, move the setup closer to the CB. If E3 is missing, adjust the CB setup angle.


Author: Tim Chin

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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