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US Open 9 Ball 2021 -- News Short By Patrick Sampey

Thursday, Sep 30, 2021 -- The US Open 9 ball tournament just concluded -- held this September 13th through September 18th. This was the premier year that Matchroom Multi Sport hosted the event, for which Emily Frazer, my friend on Facebook, is the managing director. Frazer has agreed to an interview and is filling out some answers to questions Sneaky Pete Mafia (SPM) and I felt compelled to ask for another upcoming SPM exclusive article soon due out of the virtual presses.

Suffice it to say, this years Matchroom US Open 9 ball event kicked off in the first round with several knockout punches from the hard hitting veteran Pros of pool. Snooker sensation Judd Trump blanked a relatively unknown American player named Joe Magee 9-0. Trump would later fall 11-1 in a similar rout by legendary Jayson Shaw, representing Scotland. Then we had Shane Van Boening in the first round dominating his opponent, Francesco Candela of Italy 9-2 in the opener. Straight out of the gate, we have Joshua Filler coming out with a 9-2 drubbing of American player Joseph Blyler. Also in the first round, we had Japanese sensational player Naoyuki Oi dominating his first round American opponent David Daya 9-4. So right from the opening, the US Open this year had a stellar cast of pool players -- sometimes exhibiting flawless, irrefutable, billiards play -- as is the case with Naoyuki Oi, a thrilling billiards savant to witness.

Then, while I watched and covered the amazing run at the Open Aloysius Yapp had at the title, and how Carlo Biado ultimately won their contest in the finals for the $50K grand prize, with Yapp taking home the $25K second place payout. The total prize pool for the 2021 US Open was $300K in all. Dennis Orcollo and Naoyuki Oi each garnered $12K tied for 3rd. Oi falling to Biado 11-9 in a thrilling contest, with Orcollo falling to Yapp 11-6 -- Yapp blazing through to the finals.

In the end however, it would ultimately be Carlo Biado that would take the first place trophy, $50K winnings, and the green jacket as per tradition. All in all -- Matchroom, Frazer, the players in the event, and Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ were top notch. The future of the US Open appears to be very much intact, perhaps brighter than ever.

Also of note was the fact that 69 year old Hall Of Fame player and former US Open winner Allen Hopkins was in the event.

Much of the coverage was hosted live on YouTube live, and on Facebook -- though no major US networks picked up the programming. Hopefully this marks a new, brighter era in billiards than in years past.

Keep on hitting them balls. The Tallahassee Squirrel out.

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