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Wolf Pack Letter~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

The MONK 101 is a complete training program and will give you all the material you need to build a strong exciting game.

This is your chance to become a solid world class player !!!

I am forming a special group called the Wolf Pack. Your success means a lot to me. I will not stop until every member of the Wolf Pack has reached the finish line and is ready to go out and make a mark.

If you join this special group you will receive the material you need to make it to the end of this program. I have gone to extra effort to motivate and lead you to the completion of this training. I am looking for players who have a deep desire to improve their game.   

First, I offer a video clip of each lesson on how to play it and master it. I do this for all 20 levels. There are five lessons in each level.  I send you a new level when you complete the work. This goes to your email and will keep you moving towards your goals. If you fall behind I will offer you special help so you can keep with the pack.

We will all graduate in 20 weeks or less.

 Our goal will be to complete one level each week. This way we will complete the training in twenty weeks.  The requirements to complete a level are far friendlier then they were before. Once you begin to train, you will find it easy.  I do not expect you to make your way through the training alongside someone who is lagging behind and working part time. You will be with someone who wants it as much as you do.

The purpose of this journey is to complete the Monk 101. We can do this but we need each other. It is time to make it happen. I urge you to join this group and train alongside a serious player.

The 100 video clips are something new added to this program. .

The 320+ page book is something new added to this program. (This book is optional)

When you join the Wolf Pack here, you will also be a member of The Monk Membership club which cost two hundred dollars. Your membership is FREE when you become a member of the pack.

The cost to join this special group is just $200.00 which comes to just $2.00 per video clip. I do not want to be working with someone who will not invest in himself. Those that get in free never reach the finish line. If only six players want to square their shoulders and graduate in twenty weeks I am okay with that. I am only going to extend my personal effort to those willing to run with me.

 I will do this program with you from the first segment. I will report and do the lesson myself. In each pack of ten there will be members who have been through the program. They have paid their two hundred dollars to get this new material and run with you.

You will qualify as a MONK 101 Master Instructor as part of the special group.

Send two hundred dollars to pay pal and I will send you your starter kit. You will receive a 170+ page E-book to prepare for the journey. You will also receive my most important Pre Shot Routine book The Monk Sequence. You have until Feb 1st to get ready for level one. At that time the Wolf Pack will be ready to run with the first level. The group will be ready to take their rightful place in the finals in June.

I will be in touch with you on a daily basis. I will see to it you have all the help you need to stay with the group. You will be a world class player in twenty weeks.

Most part time instructors charge two hundred dollars for a one day seminar. The Monk 101 gives you everything you need to become a great player for just $200.00.

Join this first group. We leap into action February 1st.

Check my web site. It is all new and very exciting.

Author: Tim “The Monk” Miller Editor:  Chris Freeman


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

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