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World Cup Of Pool 2022 Part 3 –Down The Stretch

Friday, June 17th, 2022 – The World Cup Of Pool is coming on down the stretch to the quarter finals tomorrow.

Chinese Taipei, USA, Spain, and Singapore I predict to win their respective matches with Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Finland. We will find out tomorrow, but I'll remind you, that's 4 of the 5 or 6 I predicted before the tournament to possibly win it all. Lucky guesses I guess. Top tier teams, and really Spain is as strong as any, but I still gotta go with team USA for the win (fingers crossed.)

What I had said from my other article, before the event began and we became aware that the Philippines wouldn't be able to compete in the event, "For myself, I would like either Spain, USA, Philippines, or Chinese Taipei to win the event. That's my top picks, wanting either USA or the Philippines to win because either would be a huge billiards story." – The Tallahassee 🐿️ Squirrel.

I can't believe I forgot Singapore. That's a big oversight. They could win it all.

However, I did pick Chinese Taipei, USA, and Spain as each possible winners of the entire event, and here they are coming down to the final few, along with Singapore. And Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Finland could win, but I just feel that the other teams I've picked will come through. We will see.

Strap in! Here we go!

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