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World Pool Championship-- Albin Ouschan Wins, But Who Is Omar Al Shaheen?

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 -- The World Pool Championship has just concluded, the dust settled, the best male and female players from around the globe vanquished -- the last two men standing were Omar Al Shaheen and Albin Ouschan, with Ouschan winning it 13-9 in the nail-biting finale.

The tournament began on June 6th, and just completed earlier today -- held in the United Kingdom at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

Sure Ouschan wins 50K for first, but Shaheen takes home 25K for second, the same purse Kazakis just won for first place in the Dafabet World Pool Masters -- though the World Pool Championship field began with 128 of the best players from around the world, the Masters having only 24 players to start, a much smaller field of players to go through -- all former champions however.

In the first round Shaheen, representing Kuwait, takes down Alain Da Costa from France 9-0; Then in the “Winners Qualification” round next Aloysius Yapp of Singapore beats Shaheen 9-7 in a tough, grind-it-out match -- his only loss allowed in the double elimination event. Then in the “Loser’s Qualification” round, Shaheen wins 9-5, cruising through against Steward Colclough of England. After that, in the “last 64,” Shaheen again -- this time squeaking by 11-10 in the tester against Daniel Maciol from Poland. Then, in the “Last 32,” Shaheen takes it home in another hill-hill thriller 11-10 against none other than Chris Melling of the United Kingdom. Then, in the “Last 16,” Shaheen beat the Greek Nick Ekonomopoulos 11-8 in another tough grinder. Coming down the stretch in the “quarter final,” Shaheen wins yet again, 11-6 this time, on cruise control it would appear. Then, with just 4 contestants left standing -- Shaheen takes down the “Semi-final” and Oliver Szolnoki of Hungary -- Szolnoki had shown a formidable foe, battling every step of the way -- falling in the end to the might of Shaheen (another vanquished champion) -- this time winning it 11-9 in yet another iron-man test of will, nerve, might and game official.

All in all, Shaheen put on a great 9 ball performance representing Kuwait -- better than all the other players in the tournament except Albin Ouschan. What a tournament performance from Omar Al Shaheen all around -- the story of the event.

(Image shown "fair use" as per Copyright law)

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