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Man with Cap

 I, Garret Troop, am the CEO and Brain child of Sneaky Pete Mafia. I have a lot of really big goals here, but believe wholeheartedly in all of them. I believe in changing the the way pool is perceived by the world. I consider myself to be the person that will make a dream become a reality.Things are moving fast, and I want to be on the ever-competitive edge of all that we hold precious. in the billiards world.



Country Music Artist

Kat Day has been with SPM Billiards going on 3 years. I create  SPM Magazine, do the layouts, SPM TV, and much more. I have a Bachelor's in Graphic Arts, a MFA in Media Design, I am a photographer, and I have a MA in New Media Journalism. I also have my own website where I follow the arts in the Kansas City area! I am proud to be a part of the team with SPM Billiards Magazine and Media.

SPM Editor in Chief / Content Creator/SPM TV
and Graphics 

Fashion Sale



Christopher Teibel is a professional Graphic Designer from Northeast Ohio. Chris has been involved with the billiards industry for many 

years with clients such as SPM Magazine, Meucci Cues, Jacoby Cues, LoreeJon Hasson, and Kamui Tips, just to name a few. If Chris is not working on a project for one of his clients, you will probably find him running a rack or two on his home table.

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