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About JFlowers Cues and Cases

Updated: May 27, 2021


Jiasen Sporting Goods is a 10,000 square meter manufacturing and distribution center located in the picturesque riverside town of Tangxia, China. For nearly twenty years—they opened their doors in 2004—JFlowers Cues has produced and exported quality pool cues, cases, and accessories around the globe. See 2021 Video Reviews of JFlowers Pool Cues and video reviews of other pool cues here.

A team of 200 highly skilled and experienced artisans are devoted to researching, designing, and efficiently producing a full range of cue sports products: Whether it’s price-competitive cues, custom cues, or ornate, handmade genuine leather cue cases, JFlowers Cues takes pride in exemplifying the very best in cue sports equipment. But, JFlowers doesn’t stop at helping you realize your practical, budgetary, and aesthetic vision.

They are committed to each individual customer’s needs and satisfaction, and that includes the timely delivery of our products—received to your exact specifications. At JFlowers Cues, they want to meet, and strive to exceed your expectations!

Are you dreaming of your ideal cue? Are you considering creating a custom cue as a gift? Do you own/operate a snooker hall, billiards venue, or other pool space? At JFlowers Cues, no order is too big or too small: Regardless of quantity, every order is treated equally and earnestly in terms of pre-sale and post-sale services.

Prices for a JFlowers Cue range from $299 to $3000. The Genuine Leather Cue Cases from JFlowers cost from $499 to $1528.

No matter your vision or location, JFlowers Cues is here to provide their customers with exceptional and innovative products and services.

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