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Banging Balls vs Drills. ~ Dominic Esposito {Video}

What Makes You Better?

How do you know your Game is improving? What if I can show you a way to measurably see your progress toward increasing your playing skills? I can and it’s through the time tested method of training drills. I have the rudiments to push you past the plateaus that seem to hold you back , get you out of the slump that’s cost you dearly or bring you back up to speed if you’ve been away from the game for any num- ber of years.

Why is Practice So Boring?

Admit it! You don’t really practice do you? You play a lot of pool. You even compete sometimes – but practice? That’s BORING!!! Why is that? Because the majority of players don’t know how to practice, or at least practice effectively. I’m going to help you make practicing more desirable and productive.

Do You Always Warm Up First?

Most of the time, you walk up to the table, empty a few pockets, and start shooting at balls. This is not practice and it’s definitely not warming up; that’s just banging balls around the table. However, on league night or before the start of a tournament, you need to get warmed up—the right way. Completing one Pro Skill Drill will warm you up more than 30 minutes of banging balls can.

Want Focused and Fine Tuned Shot Making?

Nothing increases your playing skills like practice drills. They develop your utmost in focused concen- tration, isolation in shot making, and establish your pacing for technique and execution. Your overall player skill level will be improved through practicing professional pool drills. The Pro Skill Drills series of books and DVD’s, nine volumes in all, will develop your focus, fine tune your shot making skills, and build your playing consistency like nothing else can.

Are Drills a Time-Proven Staple?

“I wish I would have had these practice drills when I was learning how to shoot pool years ago. Today, I’m proud to say I have won the World Champion title eight times, and the only player in history to have won it in all five disciplines of pool. Also, I’m honored to be in the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame. It was through years of working with drills like these that gave me the tools that I’ve used to win.” Nick Varner

Now you can use these fully illustrated Books and DVDs to establish your pace of play and mechanical consistency. Your speed control for making cue ball position, will be perfected within hours– not years. Dur- ing play, shot patterns will become easier to see within seconds. Outside distractions will not divide your attention so easily. You will win more games of pool in direct proportion to your ability to execute each of these Pro Skill Drills successfully.

Start making your practice time count with this drill from Pro Skill Drills, volume 1.

Walking The Line:

This drill is perfect for warming up, testing your mid table shot making skills, getting the feel or the roll of the table before a match and discovering any shot making and position playing weaknesses.

This drill can be attempted at two different playing skill levels.

Level 1 has a degree of difficulty designed for beginner to mid-skill level players.

1. Start with Ball In Hand from any position on the table. 2. Make any ball, in any order, in any pocket of your choosing. 3. Avoid the cue ball from contacting any of the other balls on any of the shots. No Combination Shots. 4. If you miss or make contact with any other ball, reset that missed shot and try it up to three times, if you keep missing it. Finally, if you missed it for the 3rd time, stop the drill and repeat shooting that specific shot until you successfully make the ball 100 times. Then reset the entire line and start the drill over.

Level 2 has a degree of difficulty designed for advanced to pro level players.

1. Start with Ball In Hand from one end of the table. 2. Shoot and pocket the first ball on the rail. Continue to make position to pocket the next ball in a pocket of your choice. Be sure, however, to make each ball in successive order up the line.

Continue following steps 3 and 4 above for the balance of the drill.

Pool Table

Finally, I believe that the first step to making it to the winner’s circle is to have the skill building material and knowledge that only Pro Skill Drills offers. Fact is, if you can do these drills 7 out of 10 times, you’ll be good enough to beat 70% of the players you meet.

To help you get started, all Sneaky Pete Mafia members can log into and order any of the Pro Skill Drills books or DVD using the Coupon Code SPM007 and receive a solid $5 discount from each item you order. Get yours today!

Feature photo: Ed Schipul/Flickr

Dominic is a Professional Pool Instructor and Playing Coach who travels throughout the country doing exhibitions and BOOT CAMP pool clinics. Since 2003, his involvement in the pool and billiard industry continues to provide the financial resources that allow him to function as a Prison and Addiction Recovery Chaplain, plus conduct meetings teaching The Message of the Cross and The Conditional Promises of God. His persona is “The Drill Instructor.” Dominic has produced an extensive series of books, DVDs, playing equipment and training aids, plus he regularly publishes monthly pool lesson articles for POOL & BILLIARD Magazine as well as other Major Web Site Magazines that reach millions of pool players world wide every year. In 2006, Dominic founded the “Play Pool Youth Academy,” which utilizes the “Pool Players Creed,” similar to his “Kids Karate Creed” that was taught at his kids martial arts academies for years.

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