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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 47 Featuring Mike Panozzo

SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 47 Cover

The new issue of SPM Billiards Magazine is out! I had the honor of interviewing Mike Panozzo, a Billiard Icon and owner of Billiards Digest! Be sure to check out his interview! Mike Panozzo, Shane Van Boening, and Mark Griffin will be inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame at the end of November!

Also in this issue are great instructional articles from Anthony Beeler, Steve Jennings, Eric Naretto, Dominic Esposito aka The Drill Instructor, and Matt Andrew Mentoring!! Be sure to check there articles out and improve your game with there great tips! Keith Shaner has a great read on Fedor Gorst, ":The Ghost Rising Again!" Steve Rau Pro Billiards ahs a great read! Always a Great Time at the Steve Rau Pro Billiards Booth! Be sure the check them out! Also include is a article by Elliott West, Remembering Richard, a story about Richard Barnicoat. Check out this issue lots of great articles!


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