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Blade Carbon Fiber shaft.

There are so many advancements in the billiards industry and as we grow the technology gets way better. And in today's market there is always something new and exciting to check out.

The liquid weight company has always tried to make the playing experience. From their liquid weight system to their new carbon fiber shafts.

The Blade shaft comes in a few different diameters and it’s easy to choose what's right for you. They play well and give the player good feedback on feel and playability. The surface feels more like the Revo with a longer pro taper.

The trend of shafts now is a stiffer and this shaft is very rigid and you know exactly when your tip makes contact with the ball. The shaft is very accurate and feels like the rogue in deflection and feel. The energy transfer is great; you really can get the cue ball moving even on a larger table.

The ferrule is about ¼” long and allows a decent amount of feel. It allows the shaft to do what it's supposed to do and helps you align the end of the cue to the cue ball.

Site sourced Liquid Weight


Fixed weight carbon fiber shaft available in most joint sizes. 11.9mm or 12.4mm or 13mm pro taper shaft with 10 layer medium-soft tip standard, 1/4" Elforyn ferrule, 30.0 inches. Carom CF shaft is 28"conical taper, 0.880 joint, and 11.8mm soft tip. .495 x 10 joint available only on Carom shaft

Carbon fiber offers low deflection and minimum weight. Our Vapor Lite core construction lows us to perfectly balance these shafts and maintain the rigid integrity of the carbon fiber. Our manufacturing using unidirectional carbon fiber filaments provides an amazingly strong shaft that is perfectly straight. lead time 2 weeks.

Constructed with multi plies of military grade unidirectional carbon fiber the result is a strong shaft that is perfectly straight. Low maintenance and low to no deflection are features of these great performing CF shafts $299.95.

Joint choice

Select all that apply

3/8 x 10

5/16 x 18 (+ $9.95)


5/16 X 14 (+ $12.95)

Uniloc (+ $19.83)

UniLoc Bullet (+ $19.95)

Viking QR (+ $19.95)

0.495x10 fits RK Cue, only fits Carom shaft”

It has been a really pleasurable experience in my dealings with Glen Farr the owner and inventor of Liquid Weight cues

Review written by Garret Troop

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