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Bull Carbon Shaft Review

The bull carbon produced by koda inc. is a fabulous new concept being offered in a competitive new world of carbon shafts ranging in all forms of performance. The bull carbon shaft comes in 11.75mm and 12.25 mm and is available in any pin you choose to order. It's only available in a 29 in length for the time being, but does come standard with a kamui black soft tip and an amazing juma pad. So let's break this shaft down; it comes with a 1 mm carbon wall thickness offering more strength than other competitors.

They took a juma ferrule and thinned it down to what I can only describe as the best hitting pad I've seen and even when you miscue you still don't get that nasty tink sound which I find appealing personally. I tested the 11.75 mm version with a 3/8x10 pin which oddly enough happened to fit my g10 pin as well with no issue. The hit on this shaft was absolutely among the best I've ever had. I instantly fell in love. This thing is so comfortable that anyone I handed it to could not also agree more. The long pro taper allows for tons of flex and easy follow through anyone can easily make the cue ball dance with these features.

As far as low deflection properties go I put it up against a competitors shaft and did LD tests side by side and it did very well but fell just short with it deflecting a bit more. So it's not a “zero deflection” shaft but very competitive to be sure. There is a seam where the joint collar meets the shaft and I found that to be irritable not performance wise just aesthetically disappointing and when you're paying a premium price of 499 alongside the revo you should expect it to be seamless. In conclusion this is an amazing shaft that offers great feel and high durability. The price is rather high for it’s low deflection properties however its other features will convince you to try this fresh option the competitive world of carbon shafts

The seam has other purposes that will come in the future that I’m not at liberty to share at the moment. But it does have a purpose.

Review By Dakotah Schmidtknecht

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George Moore
13 jun 2021
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