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By: George Moore, January 2021 In the free world, we can say pretty much whatever we want, we can be whoever we want to be. But for some reason, the second we join groups on Facebook we seem to give up these freedoms – and we do so willingly.

If you aren’t up to speed on what’s being hotly debated regarding pool-related Facebook groups these days, it’s power-hungry-trigger-happy moderators. Many claim they are killing the intended good vibe in these groups. The members are scared to make any small mistake. Scared that they will be banned and ridiculed. Not just banned from that group, OH NO - these mini dictators may very well ban you from ALL groups they are moderating. Or even worse; put you on one of those blacklists. Sometimes without you even knowing. Not offering you a fair chance to plead your case. Once they put you there, it's a done deal!

Just think how scary that looks for someone new to the sport and community. They join a group and they witness the trigger-happy moderator(s) banning and calling people out left and right. Sure, that will encourage them to start asking rookie questions (not).

These groups are fantastic, and I absolutely love them. However, the trend now is that the moderators are pulling their triggers WAY too quickly. This result is way less participation in discussions and that kinda goes against what these groups are actually there for, right?

These tyrants do not hesitate for one second to label someone a scammer, spammer, or something else that rimes. They claim to «investigate», but then after a very brief «investigation» they bring down the hammer of Thor (as if they actually think they are Thor himself). Relax! It’s the freakin Internet. The world's greatest reality show. Let people talk. Don’t just make fun of them for a few minutes before you demonstrate your tremendous «power» while your groupies cheer you on and applaud you as their almighty leader.

Look, I get why there are rules. People are ridiculous. But it appears some of these Facebook dictators are taking their «job» too seriously. I was in a group not too long ago where the moderator immediately picked a side since he was friends with one of the «opponents». I've witnessed them make fun of new brands, concepts, and products trying to reach out. Crazy to watch!

Please do NOT forget that our very very small pool community needs all the members we got. Don’t push people out of the community just so you can brag about another «kill». Relax.

As time has gone on, it seems some of these Facebook moderators are becoming little tyrants. Twisting and interpreting the group's rules and regulations the way they want. It's sad to see that some of the worst moderators are operating inside some of the biggest groups. Really sad.

Here are some pointers I recommend to Facebook moderators

- Encourage respectful debate and discussions.

Watch out for libel. Just as newspapers have to worry about lawsuits, so do individuals. If you intentionally broadcast blatant misinformation and it causes damages to a business or person, you could run into some issues with the law.

- Don’t allow spammers. They're annoying and NO ONE WANTS YOUR CHEAP STUFF.

You think it’s okay to silence people who disagree with you.

Did you know there are people who have different opinions than you? Shocker, I know.

No matter your Facebook group topic — you will talk to people who do not see your point of view.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to be civil and let bygones be bygones.

Or you could be a Tyrannical Terry and turn off commenting/delete their thread/curse at them/ban them/throw rocks at them.

Yeah, that’ll teach them to change their opinion.

Rather, why don’t you focus on creating a positive atmosphere for your group and encourage kindness when debating on threads? Or do you just enjoy the chaos?

PS. Did you know that there are over 100 groups where power-hungry moderators are being called out? In total over 100 000 members. Take the hint. Please.

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