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Jennifer Barretta on SPM TV with The Drill Instructor!

What a great interview with Jennifer Barretta! Jennifer stays busy with her pool room at Skyline Billiards & Bar in Brooklyn, New York, and she talks about good practice and mental energy with her mental coach Tara Donnino!

Take a listen!

Jennifer Barretta at the Alfa Las Vegas Open Photo by Corby Dayhoff

What constitutes good practice? "Working on something in particular without distractions! Picking the weaknesses in your game until they become strengths to take you to that next level," states Jennifer Barretta.

Jennifer has N the Zone clothing and is having a special shirt made. On the front of the shirt, it will say "Don't Talk To Me," and on the back, it will say "Because I' am Practicing."

Check out Jennifer "9mm Barretta" Barretta's shirts here at

Jennifer will add Predator tables to her bar by the end of the year! She talks up Predator and how when they do something, they do it to make the best! Jennifer's passion for pool is strong, and she still wants to play, but as a business owner, she gets torn between her pool room and practice and being kind to her patrons! There are three upcoming WPBA events that Jennifer Barretta is getting ready for in Sledgehammer Open in Bristol, Tennessee, Oct 19th - 23rd. , CSI/Predator Pro Billiard Series in Puerto Rico Nov. 15th - 19th, and Dr. Pool Classic in Rothschild, Wisconsin Dec. 7th - 11th! She will be preparing for these events! Look for Jennifer at these events! SPM wishes Jennifer Barretta the best of Luck! You can watch Jennifer Barretta on Instagram. Follow her on Jennifer Barretta Facebook

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