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Jumping Jax Cue Review By Garret Troop

When I first started jumping I really had no idea what was out there on the market. I bought a G10 Assault and loved it at 14oz. Not knowing really how to jump that well the dart stroke fit me well and The cue fit my playing style. I contacted the nice people at Jumping Jax Jump Cues and soon had another jumping cue in my bag. The cue was entirely made out of Diamond wood and was heavier than I was accustomed to. The the had a 3/X10 pin and a G10 tip ferrule combo. I believe it had a 14mm tip with a long Pro Taper. The cue was 41” long. The butt section was notched for your so your hand didn’t slip off.

This cue for it’s weight along was designed for longer jumps. I totally advocate the pendulum method of stroke when using this cue. These cues are heavy and I didn’t know how to use that to my advantage at the time. With that being said it really helps to get to know the cues that you have in your case. This cue will help you get out of some fun full table sticky situations. These cues are really solid and have a great hit. Feels like your jumping with Thor's hammer. These cue are just a really solid piece asset to your cue bag. Its a good investment for those looking for a fun investment. The choice of Diamond wood and a G10 ferrule tip combo makes for a really hard hit. The cue I received was a 14oz cue and felt bulky in my hands but I was untrained at the time.

This is the description that was on their site.

Welcome to Jumping Jax Cues!

Got Air?

We Do And You Could Too!

“Simply the best jump cue on the market! This cue is the recommended length (41 inches) and has a G-10 tip, making it legal and allowed in all major tournaments and leagues.

There is a reason why professional players like Chuck Raulston, Dennis Hatch, Sky Woodward, Josh Roberts and Justin Bergman play with Jumping Jax Jump Cues.

What makes the Jumping Jax different is the fact that you don't have to hyper-elevate to jump. Usually 45 degrees or less is sufficient. You also have the capability to jump with English. You can easily curve or masse after the jump. Now you have more control of the cue ball in your jump shots than ever before. If you have ever had problems jumping with a Valley Cue Ball, you won't any more. You can jump just as well with them as you can with a red circle cue ball, if you are using a Jumping Jax jump cue.

Each Jumping Jax jump cue is expertly hand-crafted with a unique wood that makes jumping easy and nearly effortless. The shaft and the handle are made with the same wood and we have dozens of styles and colors to choose from.

Make the game winning decision to order one today!

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. For your convenience you may also purchase your Jumping Jax cue with MoneyGram from Wal-Mart. We also accept money orders via US Mail. Domestic (US) shipping is a flat rate of $10 continental United States and you may contact us for an international shipping quote.

What are you waiting for? Order your own Jumping Jax Jump Cue today and move on up in the bracket!”

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