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Matthew Necroto Artist of Pool Ball Art Talks With Mark White

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Mark White sat down with pool ball artist Matthew Necroto and discussed his surprisingly late entry into the world of art, and it was really interesting to hear how 'Banksy Pool' comes up with his ideas and shows off lots of his amazing masterpieces, Monkeys, the grim reaper and a cat makes an appearance. I also tease him about the Mosconi result, and we discuss where does the USA go from here?

SPM TV presents Matthew Necroto, Artist and Owner of Pool Ball Art, talking with Mark White, Billiards Commentator. Mark White asks all the right questions. Take a listen! Matthew discusses his Pool Ball Art and a little Mosconi Discussion with Mark White. Matt goes into detail about his artwork and how it all began. Matt and Mark also have a show-in-tell of some of Necroto's drawings as well as all the other types of merchandise that you can get with pool ball art! Wrapping paper with pool ball art on Christmas Ornaments, Hoodies, T-shirts, 2024 Calendar, and so much more! Take a listen!

Check out his Website: If you are looking for Pool Ball Art, check out his website and go to his Instagram page or Facebook! Matt also does work per request or on a commission basis as well!

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